• A Kolkata

    “A Kolkata” is a video artwork reflecting on travel through the lens of the pandemic created for the Indo-European Residency 2021.

  • ArchaeaBot: Post Singularity Life-forms in a Post Climate Change World

    Building on their physical underwater robotic installation Alex May and Anna Dumitriu have created a new computer generated video artwork “ArchaeaBot: Post Singularity Life-forms in a Post Climate Change World” Premiered October 20th, 2021 as part of Artificio at the Museo Bolivariano de Arte Contemporáneo in Santa Marta in Colombia. Format: 1920×1080 MP4 Duration: 5:00 (looping) Audio: […]

  • PhysicAI Garden

    CAPABLE combines the most advanced technologies for data and knowledge management with a sound socio-psychological approach in order to develop a coaching system for improving the quality of life of cancer home patients.

  • Memory Sculpture

    Memory Sculpture is a developing series of sculptures made from memories of physical forms as they move through time and space.

  • The Most Wonderful Thing Happened To Me

    “The Most Wonderful Thing Happened To Me” is a video/sound/short story artwork about those personal memories that only you experience and then carry for the rest of your life like a treasure.

  • Alchemy of Knowledge

    “Alchemy of Knowledge” takes you on an exploratory journey from the desolate tundra of Kilpisjärvi in Finland to the atmospheric stratosphere by means of weather balloon.

  • Fermenting Futures

    Fermenting Futures is a project by artists Alex May and Anna Dumitriu which traverses BioArt, synthetic biology, digital technologies, sculpture, craft and installation and explores the significance of yeast biotechnology from a cultural perspective.

  • Susceptible

    Susceptible is data-driven interactive digital artwork by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May based on cutting-edge research from the CRyPTIC, an international consortium led by the University of Oxford.

  • A Mirror For Remembering

    A Mirror for Remembering explores the complexities and growing necessity to address the preservation and permanence of the digital artefacts that form an increasing part of our everyday lives.

  • CHIC: Biotechnology from the Blue Flower

    Artists Alex May and Anna Dumitriu are creating a new sculptural bio-digital installation which can exist across both real and virtual spaces. It will be based on an exploration of chicory plant research.

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