The Most Wonderful Thing Happened To Me

“The Most Wonderful Thing Happened To Me” is a video/sound/short story artwork about those personal memories that only you experience and then carry for the rest of your life like a treasure. You can never explain them or recreate them in a way that someone else will ever have the same physical and emotional experience. While this applies to all avenues of human experience, it directly alludes to the act of seeing art in a gallery, museum, or other curated environments, and how they potentially create deep personal connections and memories that experiencing a work through documentation or digital reinterpretation does not.

The story element is presented as subtitles without indication of any identifying details of who is telling the tale so the person reading the text will read it in their own voice, becoming the protagonist and making the memory their own.

The video is an animated rendered 3d scene made with Blender. The soundtrack was a live performance generated and recorded in Ableton.

The work is not available for online public viewing, but if you are interested in curating it for an exhibition or seeing it for research purposes then feel free to get in contact.

Format: 1920×1080 MP4 video – Duration: 6 minutes