Memory Sculpture

Memory Sculpture is a developing series of sculptures made from memories of physical forms as they move through time and space. They exist between the digital and physical, and are presented in a documentation format that questions how we experience and remember artworks, even if you’ve never been in the same room. They are part of a wider series of artworks exploring memory and digital.

Horse Memory (2021)

How does the mind remember a horse? The mind is a random access device. We read one small part at a time. Parts of my memory of a horse will correlate with parts of your memory of a horse, though looking at the whole, you will naturally disagree. But where are the eyes; the face; the tail? Can you look at a picture of just a horse’s leg and recognise it as horse? A memory is never incomplete in itself, it always perfect and precious. However, do not be fooled: the memory does not exist in the world, even if it seems real to you. This form exists in the memory of the machine now, too. The machine always believes. Always agrees.

Figure Memory (2021)

A figurative memory sculpture made from remembered muscle groups and bone structures that I studied intensely as an art student, distorted by motion and time. I found working on certain parts illicit specific and powerful recollections; some joyfully happy, and some come with that sharp forlorn rush of sadness. We make, and are made of, memories. Memory machines.


Taking one form, a remembered form, and re-contextualising it to affirm it it different ways.

Parking up by the White Horse on the Hill

“We’d go park up next to that big white horse on the hill and make out for hours. Until the night birds passed out drunk in the trees again, until the sky became like cardboard again. We shone the stars in each others eyes and pushed the darkness away again.”

Short Story
Urban Cowboy