• [Digital] Transmissions

    [Digital] Transmissions

    [Digital] Transmissions is an artistic development programme, funded by the British Council in Jordan in collaboration with the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and FutureEverything, for artists and creative practitioners based in Jordan offering them opportunities to take part in a series of online workshops, in person sessions and events led by established digital artists, learn digital skills,…

  • Chennai Photogrammetry Workshop

    Chennai Photogrammetry Workshop

    Chennai Photo Biennale and British Council commissioned Alex May to run a two day online photogrammetry workshop with photographers from India

  • British Council Jordan – Arts in the Digital Age Online Forum

    British Council Jordan – Arts in the Digital Age Online Forum

    A three day online event created in partnership with and commissioned by the British Council and FutureEverything with Alex May running a digital arts masterclass.

  • Engagement with Virtual Reality

    Engagement with Virtual Reality

    A fascinating write-up from the recent outreach sessions for Alex’s VR artwork ‘A Mirror For Remembering’

  • Gut Reactions: The Microbiome and Human Nature

  • University of Calgary – International Visiting Artist

    International Visiting Artist: Alex May (UK) Exhibition: Shadows of Light Feb. 29-March 4 in The Little Gallery An interactive digital artwork that explores the concept of ‘slow interaction’ Artist’s Talk: March 1 at 4 p.m. in Art Building 672, with reception to follow Workshop: Video Mapping Friday, March 4 from 1-4:30 p.m. in Art Building…

  • Painting With Light workshop at UCLA

    A few photos of the students work from the Painting With Light video mapping workshop at University of California Los Angeles that I ran on Tuesday. Tonight I’ll be giving a talk at the UCLA ArtSci LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) event.

  • Toy Hack Digital Metropolis

    Toy Hack Digital Metropolis

    Phoenix Brighton received a Brighton Digital Festival Education Award to work with Alex May and Exploring Senses who created a two day workshop for thirty 13-19 year olds to hack toys, build a cardboard city for them to live in, create animations about them, and finally use Alex’s video mapping software to create a digital metropolis. The workshop…

  • Bournemouth University Workshop

    Bournemouth University Workshop

    Just spent two very enjoyable days running a Painting With Light video mapping workshop at Bournemouth University. As with every workshop, new behaviours emerged such as three participants projecting on the same space (exciting and very confusing for all involved), there was a sound reactive installation combining Max/MSP and Painting With Light’s OSC control facility,…

  • Painting with Light: Video Sculptures: Open Call for Artists

    For “Painting with Light: Video Sculptures” at Phoenix Brighton Alex May plans to create a new installation stemming from a participatory workshop with artists, from diverse backgrounds, including those who typically work with traditional art media such as painting and sculpture. The aim is to push the boundaries of this innovative medium and create new…

  • The Institute of Unnecessary Research Meets the Egyptian Bioart Club – ISEA 2014

    “We aim to create a legendary three day intensive open lab, at ISEA 2014 in Dubai, in the form of a living artwork/happening at the cutting edge of DIY biology practices, bioart, the body and digital technologies, taking the form of creative interactions between artists led by The Institute of Unnecessary Research (IUR) and The Egyptian Bioart Club.” “This…

  • New Videos Online

    My Robot Companion exhibited at Watermans gallery last year. A new video featuring the video sculpture I did with the Painting With Light workshop participants in Caracas, Venezuela when I was there in September. Brighton: Remixed – a sculpture, created from found objects, is digitally augmented with multiple layers of video filmed in Brighton over…

  • Shadows of Light at ICT2013

    ICT2013 was held in Vilnius, Lithuania and Alex May was part of the “ICT & Art Connect” team, where he exhibited “Shadows of Light” and co-hosted a “My New Robot Companion” robot head making workshop with Anna Dumitriu. ICT & ART Connect sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of…

  • Painting With Light in Caracas Venezuela

    The British Council arranged for Alex May to run a two day Painting With Light workshop in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela. Caracas is a tropical and vibrant capital city overlooked by the imposing Ávila mountain to the north.  Cable cars and power lines thread across the roofs and up the steep mountainside…