[Digital] Transmissions

[Digital] Transmissions began in 2022 as an artistic development programme, funded by the British Council in Jordan in collaboration with the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and FutureEverything, for artists and creative practitioners based in Jordan offering them opportunities to take part in a series of online workshops, in person sessions and events led by established digital artists, learn digital skills, network with peers, collaborate, and create new work.

Pictures of the mentors of the [Digital] Transmission project: Hashem Joucka, Kasia Molga, Turbo, and Alex May
[Digital] Transmissions mentors

22 February to 17 April 2023
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – Building 1

[Digital] Transmissions presents work by a group of artists who came together in a creative exchange, networking and artistic development programme to learn and experiment with digital tools, while reflecting on society and the world in a digital age. 

From a series of online workshops to in person encounters, hands-on mentoring sessions and conversations, the [Digital] Transmissions programme created a space for investigating creative uses of digital technologies and learning new skills, offering participating artists the chance to create new work, but also engage with peers, share learnings and collaborate. 

Although artists have experimented with computers, computational processes and technologies for many decades, recently, digital technologies have been taking an ever more prominent role within the arts; from artificial intelligence and machine learning, mixed realities, gaming environments to blockchain and NFTs.

The artists presenting work here are not only engaging with digital technologies in creative, playful and experimental ways, but they are also exploring critical and current questions at a time when society almost can’t exist without the aid of digital devices, computing, or the internet and when technologies shape the way we live, work, and interact with the world.

The topics and artistic explorations featured in this exhibition range from questions related to humanness, intimacy and spirituality to examining how technology shapes our cities and public sphere, how it can enable new interactions with non-human worlds and the environment; the artists in the [Digital] Transmissions exhibition open up new perspectives and portals to the world through their work.

The mentors of the project included a work of their own for inclusion to the exhibition. Alex May showed his video work A Kolkata.

Exhibition text and video screen from the [Digital] Transmissions exhibition
View across the gallery of the [Digital] Transmissions exhibition
[Digital] Transmissions: exhibition view at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
Portrait of the artists and team members of the [Digital] Transmission project
[Digital] Transmission artists and team members