Chennai Photogrammetry Workshop

Chennai Photo Biennale and British Council commissioned Alex May to run a two day online photogrammetry workshop with photographers from the Chennai area.

This online workshop will introduce the creative use of photogrammetry with internationally exhibited British artist Alex May. Photogrammetry is a software based process of turning photos of a real-world physical object into a full-colour 3d virtual model that can be used in rendering software like Blender, or game engines such as Unity. Alex uses this process for many of his digital art projects, including his recent virtual residency exploring the city of Kolkata as the British artist selected for the Indo-European Residency 2021.

As a creative workshop, the main theme will be to focus on going out around the area where you live and choosing objects that represent this place for you, personally. You will learn the practical process of photogrammetry from choosing the right kind of subjects, how to take the photos correctly, using software to turn your photos into 3d models, and finally, how to render an
image of your object in the free, open-source software Blender.

Workshop: 11th March and 13th March 2022
Presentation: 19th March 2022

An example photogrammetry scan by one of the workshop participants