The Institute of Unnecessary Research Meets the Egyptian Bioart Club – ISEA 2014

ISEA 2014“We aim to create a legendary three day intensive open lab, at ISEA 2014 in Dubai, in the form of a living artwork/happening at the cutting edge of DIY biology practices, bioart, the body and digital technologies, taking the form of creative interactions between artists led by The Institute of Unnecessary Research (IUR) and The Egyptian Bioart Club.”

“This paradigm shifting open lab will facilitate collaborative working practices and cross cultural dialogue, with a focus on ethical debates and the role of the artist working within science settings in the West and the Arab World. The three day intensive collaborative workshop, will include hands on “do it together” microbiology and bioart with Anna Dumitriu and Heba El Aziz, participatory video mapping activities with Alex May and brainwave/lucid dreaming performance art with Luciana Haill as well as other activities and presentations. The workshop will be followed by a final public installation, exhibition and performance of the outcomes, with show and tell presentations on the third evening.”

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