• A Mirror For Remembering: Free 3D Assets

    A Mirror For Remembering: Free 3D Assets

    Several of the 3D scans for ‘A Mirror For Remembering’ are now available on Sketchfab for free.

  • HAB 2.0

    HAB 2.0

    Yesterday we had the first kick off meeting for the High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB) 2.0 project at The Francis Crick Institute. Following on from our first exhibition and programme at BOM (Birmingham Open Media), we are aiming to develop a new project to be delivered in 2021.

  • Francis Crick Institute commission

    Francis Crick Institute commission

    Alex May Arts has been awarded a prestigious art commission to design and create a captivating new digital artwork for permanent installation in the front window of the Francis Crick Institute in London.

  • EEG Improvisation (2016)

    EEG Improvisation (2016)

    I attended a brainwave workshop with artist Luciana Haill where I created two improvisations. The first is a piece of music that I’m playing with my mind: taking the EEG readings and using them to trigger frequencies. The second is a video synthesizer that responds to EEG signals. Both were created in the workshop using…

  • Stone and Video Sculpture #2 (2016)

    Stone and Video Sculpture #2 (2016)

    Most every year of late I spend a happy dusty weekend stone carving, making a sculpture to project video onto. These two characters, held in an intimate physical embrace, seem very much in love, and I particularly like the nuanced interplay of how she gazes at him, and he is happy and content.

  • Cinekid Installation Production – Bacteria Filming Starts

    For the production of the interactive installation for Cinekid 2014 it is required to build a DIY bacteria filming rig. This large cardboard box has been adapted with plenty of gaffer tape to provide a light controlled space complete with frontal insertion port and removable petri dish holder system.