A Mirror For Remembering: Free 3D Assets

Several of the 3D scans I did for the creation of my VR artwork ‘A Mirror For Remembering‘ are now available on Sketchfab for free download. Apart from the doll’s house model, which I made by hand from reference photos, the other objects are scanned directly from the Tunbridge Wells museum collection.

free 3d scans on Sketchfab
The models currently available on Sketchfab

Over the course of the project we had some fascinating discussions about preservation of native digital objects and how digital can be used to extend meaningful access to historical artefacts beyond displaying them in museum cases.

It’s a challenging proposition for a traditional bricks and mortar museum to upload an accurate scan of an artefact that can then be explored in VR or 3D printed anywhere in the world, creating a digital twin that might even outlast the original artefact itself.