• The Cabinet of Intangible Curiosities

    The Cabinet of Intangible Curiosities

    “The Cabinet of Intangible Curiosities” is an artwork by British digital artist Alex May that explores the new science of quantum biology. It utilises the concept of the Cabinet of Curiosities collecting unobservable artefacts from the intangible quantum realm. Each vignette takes on a different concept or theme, from the magnetoreception of robins used to…

  • Serre Numérique Inauguration

    Serre Numérique Inauguration

    A live video mapped performance by artist Alex May for the opening of Serre Numérique – the digital hub in the northern French commune of Valenciennes.

  • Wunderkammer


    A collection of temporary concepts, ideas, and physical materials, including light, that presents the viewer with a whole work that may (must?) be broken down into smaller and smaller parts. It has a shattered narrative; a broken temporal and physical state that is both animated and still at the same time. Each part of the…

  • Painting With Light at the Tate Modern

    Painting With Light at the Tate Modern

    For the opening night of the #HYPERLINK festival on 26th April 2013, Alex May debuted a 75 minute ‘Painting With Light’ live video mapping art performance in the South Tank at Tate Modern, London. Using his own custom software, Alex creates scenes using everyday items, which are then overlaid with projected video to create an evolving digital sculpture.

  • Room 40

    Room 40

    Room 40 is a video mapped installation investigating forms of digital surveillance by reconstructing GCHQ the British government intelligence agency through gathered second hand information.

  • Waterlight


    Waterlight is an audio and video mapped sculpture commissioned by Watermans Art Centre for their “The River Weekender”, part of the “Totally Thames” Festival.

  • Sequence


    “Sequence” is a bio-digital project by artist Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with Alex May, the Modernising Medical Microbiology project at the University of Oxford, the University of Hertfordshire, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, and funded by Arts Council England.

  • No Violence To The Sky

    No Violence To The Sky

    A video mapping installation responding to the writings of César Pelli – architect of One Canada Square, the Petronas Twin Towers, and Manhattan’s downtown World Financial Center, amongst many others. Commissioned by Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London.

  • Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel is an audio/video installation, part of the Ingenious and Fearless Companions exhibition exploring the adventure of curiosity-driven research through a quest to find microscopic life in space.

  • Painting With Light: Video Sculptures

    Painting With Light: Video Sculptures

    An exhibition of digitally augmented, video mapped, and animated sculptures, developed by Alex May in collaboration with local, national, and international artists from a wide range of backgrounds, through a three day participatory workshop.

  • Steve is uncertain in uncertain times (2019)

    Steve is uncertain in uncertain times (2019)

    Steve is uncertain in uncertain times. He hasn’t come out of his media retardant suit for months and he set fire to all the surrounding trees to protest climate change. He lives on Spaceman Street and fantasises about going to live on Mars or the Moon to get away from “all these other people” rather…

  • Brighton: Remixed

    Brighton: Remixed

    “Brighton: Remixed” is a video projection mapped sculpture installation by Alex May, commissioned by Clearleft for the Brighton Digital Festival 2013.

  • Video and Stone Sculpture

    Video and Stone Sculpture

    A symbiotic video mapping and carved stone sculpture

  • Caracas Video Street Art

    Caracas Video Street Art

    A commissioned video installation featured as part of a major street festival in downtown Caracas, Venezuela.

  • ISEA 2014

    ISEA 2014

    The exhibition was on show in the Al Fahidi Cultural Quarter at House 31 and was made on site as a collaborative work between Heba El Aziz, Lucy McCabe, Anna Dumitriu, and Alex May, (and the IUR advisory committee which consists of Sue Gollifer).

  • Caracas: Remixed

    Caracas: Remixed

    The British Council arranged for Alex May to run a two day Painting With Light workshop in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Conwy Video Sculpture

    Conwy Video Sculpture

    A site specific video mapped sculpture created using found objects that interprets the town of Conwy in Wales.

  • A family of Christopher Walkens heading to the scene of the crime in a Love Ambulance

    A family of Christopher Walkens heading to the scene of the crime in a Love Ambulance

    Pop-Art interactive video mapped installation by Alex May and Martin A. Smith.

  • 994,138


    994,138 is a reflection on the scale of the UK casualties (military and civilian) during World War 1.

  • London Video Street Art

    London Video Street Art

    Video soundtrack by Martin A. Smith Format: live site-specific video mapped installations onto existing graffiti Size: various Available for exhibition: No

  • Out Of White

    Out Of White

    “Out Of White” are a series of projected illusions featuring digital blocks emerging from physical spaces.

  • Kaidan


    Alex May and Martin A. Smith were commissioned by The Royal Borough Of Kensington And Chelsea to create an interactive video and sound installation for Halloween in the Kyoto Garden of Holland Park, London.

  • Statues Alive

    Statues Alive

    Statues Alive was a week long video mapping installation bringing the statues of Chelsea’s south bank alive.