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Painting With Light: Video Sculptures

An exhibition of digitally augmented, video mapped, and animated sculptures, developed by Alex May in collaboration with local, national, and international artists from a wide range of backgrounds, through a three day participatory workshop.


Participants from left to right: June Frickleton, Sam Hewitt, Juliet Kac, Bushra Kelsey Burge, Alex May, Leyla Rodriguez, Isabelle Desjeux, Eik Leknesund Elnes, Sylvia Bernat, Karel Bata, and Louis D’Aboville

Workshop: 3rd-5th December 2014

Preview: 5th December 2014, 6:30-8:30pm

Exhibition:  6th–10th December 2014, 11am – 5pm, free admission

The exhibition and project was funded by Arts Council England and supported by The University of Hertfordshire.

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