• Room 40

    Room 40

    Room 40 is a video mapped installation investigating forms of digital surveillance by reconstructing GCHQ the British government intelligence agency through gathered second hand information.

  • Waterlight


    Waterlight is an audio and video mapped sculpture commissioned by Watermans Art Centre for their “The River Weekender”, part of the “Totally Thames” Festival.

  • Sequence Music

    Sequence Music

    Making music from DNA sequenced in a gallery using a MinION device

  • Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel is an audio/video installation, part of the Ingenious and Fearless Companions exhibition exploring the adventure of curiosity-driven research through a quest to find microscopic life in space.

  • Alan Turing: a Portrait in Sound and Visuals

    Alan Turing: a Portrait in Sound and Visuals

    A sound portrait of Alan Turing by Martin A. Smith, with live video performance by Alex May commissioned by the Alan Turing Arts and Culture Committee.

  • Chasing Shadows

    Chasing Shadows

    An original audio/visual composition by Alex May and Martin A. Smith interpreting the art of Sally McKay.