Alan Turing: a Portrait in Sound and Visuals

A sound portrait of Alan Turing by Martin A. Smith, with live video performance by Alex May commissioned by the Alan Turing Arts and Culture Committee.

A portrait of Alan Turing using music, found sounds and sound collage, featuring contributions from Professor Kevin Warwick and Professor Ernest Edmonds, quotations from Alan Turing and poetry from Hallie, aged fifteen from Manchester.

The soundscape was generated from Turing Patterns using image to sound software and incorporates recordings of the Bombe, the Second World War and elements from Snow White, a story that meant so much to Alan Turing.

The intent, like a conventional painted portrait or photograph, is to represent aspects his character, life and work by using the medium of sound. See here to listen.

To mark the Turing Centenary Day Martin A. Smith performed the work live at Watermans Gallery accompanied by a live, improvised video mix by artist Alex May visually interpreting Martin’s sound portrait using his own software called PatchBox. See the performance here. This work was later projected onto the Civic Hall in Conwy, Wales, as part of the blinc digital arts festival.

Format: digital video @ 800×600 – 8 min 45 sec with stereo soundtrack

Size: N/A

Available for exhibition: Yes