• The Cabinet of Intangible Curiosities

    The Cabinet of Intangible Curiosities

    “The Cabinet of Intangible Curiosities” is an artwork by British digital artist Alex May that explores the new science of quantum biology. It utilises the concept of the Cabinet of Curiosities collecting unobservable artefacts from the intangible quantum realm. Each vignette takes on a different concept or theme, from the magnetoreception of robins used to…

  • Memory Sculpture

    Memory Sculpture

    Memory Sculpture is a developing series of sculptures made from memories of physical forms as they move through time and space.

  • Video and Stone Sculpture

    Video and Stone Sculpture

    A symbiotic video mapping and carved stone sculpture

  • Smoke and Mirrors Machine

    Smoke and Mirrors Machine

    Smoke and Mirrors Machine is a kinetic and digital installation interpreting the principles of secure communication between two parties and how it may be intercepted and subverted; a subject that came under close scrutiny by Alan Turing during his tenure at Bletchley Park working as a key part of the team decoding the German’s complex Enigma Machine communications.