• Cyberspecies Proximity

    Cyberspecies Proximity explores what it will mean to share our sidewalks, elevators and transport systems in close proximity with mobile intelligent robots.

  • Flow State

    Flow State was an interactive digital video sculpture commissioned by the Francis Crick Institute in London.

  • Shadows of Light

    Shadows of Light is a contemplative interactive installation exploring the concept of “slow interaction” where visitors are rewarded for standing still.

  • The Human Super Organism

    The Human Super Organism” is an interactive installation that focuses on the bacteria from the hands. Participants place their hands on an interactive screen which acts as a virtual Petri dish and reveals the ways in which diverse colonies of bacteria from the human hands can be grown in the lab on agar. Super-organism is an ongoing […]

  • Super-Organism

    Visitors imprint themselves onto a screen, which takes the form of a virtual Petri dish, and slowly reveals the shape of their bodies made of colonies of (digital) bacteria, which grow before their eyes.

  • A family of Christopher Walkens heading to the scene of the crime in a Love Ambulance

    Pop-Art interactive video mapped installation by Alex May and Martin A. Smith.

  • Out Of White

    “Out Of White” are a series of projected illusions featuring digital blocks emerging from physical spaces.

  • Statues Alive

    Statues Alive was a week long video mapping installation bringing the statues of Chelsea’s south bank alive.