40 Minute Painting

“40 Minute Painting” is a video artwork that has been generated using the small errors that occur when computers store fractional numbers in 32-bits of binary (e.g. 0.1 becomes 0.10000000149011612) to create mesmerizing clouds of colour that gradually evolve over the length of the work.

It was created for the “Just 40” exhibition in Portugal curated by Marta De Menezes.

40 Minute Painting - Installed

“40 Minute Painting” installation view.


The exhibition featured a wide range of artists from around the world.

2015-05-31 17.10.56

The wall text for “40 Minute Painting” in Portuguese.

Just 40 Artist Page by Alex May

In addition to the artwork, all the artists were asked to make an aluminium page that were bound together to form a book.






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