• Through the smoke, a monster came

    Through the smoke, a monster came

    These images compel us to consider the complex interplay of local and national prosperity, workers rights and conditions, industrial might versus our environmental impact, and how we memorialise our progress to reflect on our future relationship with nature.

  • Fermenting Futures: Media Update

    Fermenting Futures: Media Update

    Despite the continuing lockdown, work continues in earnest on the Fermenting Futures project. We have just completed a video pre-visualisation of the exhibition that is being developed (expected to be finished by August 2021) and are able to share some images from the video here. Fermenting Futures is a project by artists Alex May and…

  • Chicory Root 3D Scanning

    Chicory Root 3D Scanning

    We got our hands on some fantastic chicorium intybus specimens all the way from the Netherlands.

  • Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

    Pantone announce their Colour of the Year 2016 (actually two colours): Rose Quartz and Serenity. Alex took one of the suggested colour pairings, and fed it into a modified version of the generative art system he has been developing to create slowly evolving, colour fields that degrade from smooth symmetrical patterns into smoke-like billows of colour. If you are interested…