WeMissIPRES: A Mirror For Remembering

Alex May will be introducing his virtual reality artwork A Mirror For Remembering at the WeMissIPRES programme of online talks. Organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition, the event has multiple streams running over three days (22nd-24th September 2020). Alex will be speaking on the first day at 11:35am in the “Best of Digital Preservation 2020” stream. Registration for the event is closed, but the proceedings will be available online after the event.

The artwork explores the complexities and growing necessity to address the preservation and permanence of the digital artefacts that form an increasing part of our everyday lives. It utilises the extensive collections held by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and has been made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council England funded Kent Medway Museums National Portfolio Organisation.


Digital preservation is all about collaboration. All are welcome in this dynamic and diverse community. Everyone has something to offer:- computing and engineering; libraries and archives; researchers and their audiences; the past and the present; the present and the future. Collaboration has been a central pillar of a shared response to a shared global challenge. If you are working in digital preservation and you are not collaborating, then you are on a lonely road. In this year of lockdown and distancing a familiar fact becomes apparent. You cannot collaborate alone.

Here’s the paradox. In the year in which we all have most in common, we are able to share least. In the year when digital infrastructures have become central to our lives, our opportunities to plan and reflect on our own digital infrastructures are subdued. In the year when we have learned so much and have so much to tell, we are most constrained in how we impart all that new-found and hard-won knowledge.