Talk Videos

Computer Arts Society online talk about “A Mirror For Remembering” and Digital Preservation (7th April 2020)
Alex May, Anna Dumitriu, and Silvio Napoli (Chairman of Schindler) discuss “Art, Innovation and Society”, chaired by Nicolas Henchoz (Director of the EPFL-ECAL Lab) at the Schindler City Auditorium in Ebikon, Luzern, Switzerland (2nd December 2019)
Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) – University of Westminster, London (15th November 2016)
Where to now The Digital Revolution? – Art That Makes Itself Symposium – Watermans Arts Centre, London (16th May 2015)
TEDx Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania (22nd December 2014)
Robot House Artist Residency Colloquium – University of Hertfordshire (2014)
My Robot Companion: Living in the Uncanny Valley – GameHorizon (9th May 2013)
Sinclair and Me – Horizons, British Film Institute (BFI), London (5th May 2012)