Creating and Curating with Data (Talk)

Creating and Curating with Data – how do artists make sense of data?

Creating and Curating with Data - how do artists make sense of data?
“Susceptible” by Alex May and Anna Dumitriu

How do artists make sense of complex, challenging and potentially sublime aesthetics of big data?

Data is everywhere but can be complex and difficult to make sense of. Artists, makers, curators and producers help make data visible, tangible and experiential offering new perspectives and insights. Immersive digital installations and artworks explore the sublime aesthetics of big data and the personal stories behind it.

Creating and Curating with Data – how do artists make sense of data?

Tuesday, 15th September 2020
14:00 – 15:30 (BST/GMT+1)
Online Webinar via Zoom – Click here to register.

SPECIAL GUESTS: The webinar features artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, who have created “Susceptible” (a DRIVA arts DRIVA Superfused commission), a digital art-work based on groundbreaking genomics research about tuberculosis from CRyPTIC, a University of Oxford led international consortium.

CRyPTIC’s research analysed thousands of images of the tuberculosis (TB) bacteria growing in the presence of different antibiotics. Researchers then combined that data with information about the whole genome sequences of those bacteria, in order to predict, for the first time, which of the four first-line antibiotic medicines will be effective in treating a patient with tuberculosis based on the DNA sequence of the bacteria infecting them.

This data is layered with destination and origin data from Gatwick Airport to make explicit the importance of global collaboration in health research.

The artists are joined by renowned curator and cultural manager Irini Papadimitriou (FutureEverything) who has extensive experience of working with data and technology in relation to art and society and who is a partner in “Susceptible”, and Donna Close, Principal Investigator for Arts DRIVA will talk about Arts DRIVA and ‘Desire Lines’ an exhibition of data-art which took place as part of Brighton Digital Festival and was co-curated with Laurence Hill.