• Algorithmic Photography exhibition lecture

    Algorithmic Photography exhibition lecture

    Alex May launched his Algorithmic Photography exhibition in London, discussing its development over eight years and its future paths, emphasizing its unique digital technique.

  • Algorithmic Photography exhibition, April, London

    Algorithmic Photography exhibition, April, London

    An exhibition of Algorithmic Photography will be opening in London from April 2nd with a live talk event

  • Computer Arts Society talk (video)

    Computer Arts Society talk (video)

    Alex May gave an online talk for the Computer Arts Society introducing “A Mirror For Remembering”

  • Art That Makes Itself – Symposium

    Brown & Son: Art That Makes Itself Symposium Saturday 16 May, 2pm – 6.45pm Concerns of different generations, tribes and networks who make up digital culture, the challenges and opportunities for making and conserving generative artworks and rapid developments in digital image-making since the late 1960s are among the themes of a symposium on 16…

  • Computer Arts Society Talk

    Alex will be giving a talk at Phoenix Leicester at 6:30pm on 11th March 2015, introducing his art practice, the software he has created, the aims and challenges behind their development, and his grassroots approach to digital preservation for artists. The Computer Arts Society (CAS) promotes the creative uses of computers in the arts and culture.…