Quantum Biology Residency

Alex May has been awarded an Institute of Advanced Studies fellowship as artist in residence 2023/2024 working with Dr. Youngchan Kim at the University of Surrey School of Biosciences.

Fellowship focus: An artistic expression of quantum biology and time reversibility, and how these relate to the personal and cultural experiences of time and memory.

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This Fellowship will bring an entirely new perspective to quantum effects in biology, seen in phenomena such as photosynthesis and DNA mutation. As part of Surrey’s ‘Quantum Arrow of Time’ project funded by the John Templeton Foundation, award-winning digital artist Alex May will work closely with Dr Kim and colleagues to consider how quantum biology is related to our experiences of time and memory through technology and art. The outcome will be the creation of a new body of artworks that will increase public awareness of this fascinating field of science.

See the Institute of Advanced Studies fellowship page for more information.