• ISEA 2014

    The exhibition was on show in the Al Fahidi Cultural Quarter at House 31 and was made on site as a collaborative work between Heba El Aziz, Lucy McCabe, Anna Dumitriu, and Alex May, (and the IUR advisory committee which consists of Sue Gollifer).

  • Wunderkammer

    A collection of temporary concepts, ideas, and physical materials, including light, that presents the viewer with a whole work that may (must?) be broken down into smaller and smaller parts. It has a shattered narrative; a broken temporal and physical state that is both animated and still at the same time. Each part of the […]

  • Super-Organism

    Visitors imprint themselves onto a screen, which takes the form of a virtual Petri dish, and slowly reveals the shape of their bodies made of colonies of (digital) bacteria, which grow before their eyes.

  • Brighton: Remixed

    “Brighton: Remixed” is a video projection mapped sculpture installation by Alex May, commissioned by Clearleft for the Brighton Digital Festival 2013.

  • Robot House Residency

    Alex May and Anna Dumitriu will be resident in The University of Hertfordshire’s Robot House between 13th and 17th May 2013.

  • The Art and Science of Linen

    The Art and Science of Linen is a video artwork created by artists Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, and microbiologist Dr John Paul, with sound by Martin A. Smith.

  • Video and Stone Sculpture

    A symbiotic video mapping and carved stone sculpture

  • Caracas Video Street Art

      A commissioned video installation featured as part of a major street festival in downtown Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Caracas: Remixed

    The British Council arranged for Alex May to run a two day Painting With Light workshop in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Uniform Glitch 5x

    While coding Fugio, a subtle bug was introduced that created the following glitches.