Video Sculpture by Alex May (2007-2020)

Since 2007, artist Alex May has been developing video sculpture that combine physical materials and video elements into hybrid symbiotic pieces. Presented here is a video compilation of a selection of these artworks created during the period 2007 to 2020.

The artworks can be categorised through three major forms:

Firstly, creating physical sculpture that has a time limited existence where the video recording an integral part of its design and presentation.

Secondly, using video projection and bespoke video mapping software to turn 3D objects into screens where the rectangle of the screen is broken and the spatial relationship between viewer and media is opened for exploration.

Finally, as performance where the artist physically changes the form of the sculpture over time and the video elements adapt to the new form.

Featured Video Sculpture

  • Love, Imagination, Knowledge
  • Conwy Video Sculpture
  • Tate Modern Performance
  • Video and Stone Sculpture
  • Brighiton: Remixed
  • Kinetica Art Fair 2014
  • Room 40
  • The Death of the Last Two TV People
  • Serre Numérique Inauguration Performance
  • No Violence to the Sky
  • Waterlight
  • Flow State

More information on these works can be found in the portfolio section.