Magic Machines

ArchaeaBot: A Post Climate Change, Post Singularity Life-form will be part of “Magic Machines” at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden in Germany from July 1st to September 22nd 2022.

The Magic Machines exhibition is an ode to the inventiveness of the world! Simple and magnificent mechanisms – powered by wind, water, steam, electricity – shape life on our planet. Did the first programmable machine dream of the algorithmic revolution and the universal use of computers? And what are all these new magical, impressive, scary and silly machines that entered our everyday life up to?

Magic Machines exhibition poster
Magic Machines

Showing artworks by Amelie Goldfuss, Raumzeitpiraten, Markus Kolb, Jana Voigtmann und Alexander Voigt, Moritz Simon Geist, Sebastian Wolf, Emidio Battipaglia, Akwasi Bediako Afrane, Dries Depoorter, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, Marco Donnarumma, Stefan Hurtig, Matthias Pitscher & Giacomo Piazzi, Martin Bricelj Baraga.