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An afternoon with HARR1

Now in its third year, the Brighton Digital Festival conversation event aimed at older audiences will look at the world of robotics and consider what the future might hold for us. How would you feel about a robot caring for you? How do you imagine a future where your relatives would be cared for by robots? …

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The Institute of Unnecessary Research Meets the Egyptian Bioart Club – ISEA 2014

“We aim to create a legendary three day intensive open lab, at ISEA 2014 in Dubai, in the form of a living artwork/happening at the cutting edge of DIY biology practices, bioart, the body and digital technologies, taking the form of creative interactions between artists led by The Institute of Unnecessary Research (IUR) and The Egyptian Bioart Club.” “This …

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New Videos Online

My Robot Companion exhibited at Watermans gallery last year. A new video featuring the video sculpture I did with the Painting With Light workshop participants in Caracas, Venezuela when I was there in September. Brighton: Remixed – a sculpture, created from found objects, is digitally augmented with multiple layers of video filmed in Brighton over …

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Shadows of Light at ICT2013

ICT2013 was held in Vilnius, Lithuania and Alex May was part of the “ICT & Art Connect” team, where he exhibited “Shadows of Light” and co-hosted a “My New Robot Companion” robot head making workshop with Anna Dumitriu. ICT & ART Connect sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of …

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Painting With Light in Caracas Venezuela

Caracas is a tropical and vibrant capital city overlooked by the imposing Ávila mountain to the north.  Cable cars and power lines thread across the roofs and up the steep mountainside from where the poorer barrios neighbourhoods nestle at the edges.  These makeshift dwellings are beautiful to look at from a distance, with brightly painted exteriors …

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My New Robot Companion at Bletchley Park

November 9th and 10th, 2013 As an additional event to the Intuition and Ingenuity exhibition taking place at Hut 12 in Bletchley Park, HARR1 (Humanoid Art Research Robot 1) was exhibited alongside research robots from the University of Hertfordshire in the Bletchley Park mansion library. Visitors were invited to “meet” the robots and the researchers …

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